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Goals of the Workshop:

  1. Offer an interactive and international workshop for industry, government and academia on dermal absorption, environmental risks to skin, and dermato-toxicology
  2. Provide training sessions in skin science with international expertise by speakers and participants from the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Barrier Function of Mammalian Skin, Salve Regina University, Newport, RI, August 5-10, 2007 http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2007program=barrier
  3. Encourage interaction of new professionals with senior researchers in this expanding field


George Washington University Marvin Center 800 21st St at Eye NW Washington, DC

Initial Sponsors:

Convenors: Michael Dellarco and Mike Roberts
Young Scientist Workshop Leaders: Phil Wertz and Bo Michniak
Advisory Panel: Howard Maibach, Bob Bronaugh, David Goldsmith

I can't even start to demonstrate my deepest thankfulness for your kind and most generous support. Not only that it was your responsiveness exceptional but also your honest concern was refreshing and fervent.

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George Washington University Coordinator: Janeth Panta,
(Contact: Tel: 202-994-1734; Fax 202-994-0011, email: [email protected])

Registration fee: $395 – enables registrant to take part in all sessions
Training registration fee $195 - normally limited to students with less than three years training in skin science and who are currently undertaking a higher degree or postdoctoral training in a university and requires supervisor certification.
pre-registration form attached (more information provided on upcoming website)

Poster presentations are encouraged for presentation at the poster session

Full PDF Agenda

At a Glance:

Saturday Aug 11, 2007 AM
Young scientist breakfast workshop 1 - Instrumental methods in skin penetration
Nanotechnology and the skin
A. Cosmetics
B. The Risks and Opportunities

Sunday Aug 12, 2007 AM
Evidence Base for Skin Products
A. Efficacy
B. Safety

Saturday Aug 11, 2007 PM
Young scientist lunch workshop 2 –
Skin morphology, physiology pharmacokinetics
Predicting Unwanted Skin Effects
A. Consumer Products and the Risks
B. The Future
Young scientist careers presentation
Workshop informal dinner (evening)
Sunday Aug 12, 2007 PM
Young scientist lunch workshop 3 –
Measuring skin properties

Exposure assessment
Roundtable discussion
Poster Session
Free evening

Monday Aug 13, 2007 AM
Young scientist breakfast workshop 4 –
Product formulation
Case study rotations
in formulation evaluation, toxicology, exposure, conducting evaluations skin pkpd

Monday Aug 13, 2007 Lunch
Young scientist lunch workshop 5 – Metabolism, appendages, stratum corneum stripping micro-dialysis

Close: 2.30pm